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Narrator for the first time in his career, Manu Payet lends her voice to the French version of The “Illusion green”, a documentary that denounces the lies of the greenwashing. Little Dream Entertainment “We tried to do the least possible ’emissions removal’, and do the best.” It is with good humor and humility, and above all, a true commitment to citizenship, that Manu Payet, narrator VF, presents us with The Illusion of green, a documentary that follows in the footsteps of Werner Boote around the world, on the traces of lies or green or greenwashing, a marketing practice used by businesses to give themselves an image (more) green. With Kathrin Hartmann (lined by Jessie Lambotte), the Austrian y points with naivety and surprise behind the scenes and the lies of some companies, labels green electric cars passing by fair trade. For Manu Payet, after this movie, “one does not become immediately a great guy and a little green ; on the other hand, you ask yourself more questions and you’re more careful.” It is already that of won. Manu Payet, this is what the Illusion of Green ? Manu Payet, c'is what'Illusion Green ?

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Annie Awards 2019 : Spider-Man : New Generation in the top of the charts

The feature-length super-hero “Captain Marvel”, led by the actress Brie Larson, sign a very big start with $ 153 million of revenue to the meter. Marvel Studios 2019 BOX OFFICE AMERICAN FROM 8 TO 10 MARCH 2019 : THE TOP 10 Rank (previous Rank)FilmRecettes ( $ ) Total (US$) 1 (New) Captain Marvel 153 000 000 153 000 000 2 (1) Dragons 3 : The hidden world 14 696 000 119 662 125 3 (2nd) Has Madea Family Funeral 12 050 000 45 879 810 4 (4e) The Great Adventure Lego 2 3 825 000 97 109 961 5 (3rd) Alita : Battle Angel 3 200 000 78 346 064 6 (6th) Green Book : On the roads of the south 2 488 000 80 140 871 7 (7e) Isn’t It Romantic 2 410 000 44 154 720 8 (5e) Fighting With My Family 2 188 868 18 656 958 9 (8th) Greta 2 161 000 8 252 735 10 (15th) Apollo 11 1 301 000 3 780 952 TO REMEMBER With 153* millions of dollars in revenue, the film Captain Marvel realizes the 7th best start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is sandwiched between the 174,1 million of Iron Man 3 and the 146.5 million of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The adventure of super-heroic is notably better than Iron Man (98,6) and Spider-Man: Homecoming (117). At the scale of the films of super-heroes, Captain Marvel is doing better than Wonder Woman, which had $ 103.2 million of greenbacks for its first weekend of operation. Captain Marvel achieved a performance substantially equivalent to those of super-productions such as The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight (To 158.4), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (155) or Hunger Games (152,5). Dragons 3 : The hidden world , after two weekends on top of the rankings, retrograde in the second place, totaling almost $ 120 million of revenue. The film will be difficult to get the 177 million raised by the previous game. The Great Adventure Lego 2 approach slowly from the $ 100 million of revenue. A symbolic milestone, but a performance very far removed from that of the first film, which had buckled his career with 257,7 million of greenbacks on the counter. The first Captain Marvel : Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and Jude Law on the blue carpet to See the slide show Front Slide show-first Captain Marvel : Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and Jude Law on the blue carpet 13 photos Source : CBO Box-Office

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If fans of “Sex & The City” will not see may never be a 3rd movie or later in the series of the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends, a “spiritual sequel” could see the light of day soon under the title “Is There Still Sex In The City?”… HBO After the abandonment of the 3rd film Sex & The City, in large part due to Kim Cattrall, who refused to be part of it, and after the failure of any relative of the prequel series The Carrie Diaries, about the young years of the heroine when she landed in New York, the fans may soon be able to console themselves with what one might call a “spiritual sequel”. The author Candace Bushnell, already at the origin of the adventures of Carrie in novels, polishes currently working on his next book to be published in the original version, the 6th August entitled ” Is There Still Sex in the city?. No question of resuming the characters well-known, this is a new group of friends who will be at the centre of the story. He is described by his editor as “an incisive, irrévérentieux and sometimes upsetting on love, sex and friendship in New York past 50 years.” The plot takes place essentially between the Upper East Side of Manhattan and the neighborhood of the Village and is of particular interest to “to the suffering of old age, the passing of time, marriages that become divorces, children growing up, social pressures on appearance and success”… Sarah Jessica Parker : “I don’t know if we could turn Sex & The City today”
The rights of adaptation are obviously torn, and it is Paramount Television and Anonymous Content (Mr Robot, True Detective, 13 Reasons Why), who have won. No chain is for the moment associated with the project, but there is no doubt that HBO will be interested when the time comes. This is Candace Bushnell herself will write the screenplay for the pilot.

9-1-1 : M6 unveils a teaser with bated breath for the new series of Ryan Murphy [EXCLUDED]
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The Simpsons suppress the episode with Michael Jackson due to the controversy of Leaving Neverland
The Batman : a release date and a change of actor

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This Is Us : did you know that a string of SMS had been created especially for members of the family Pearson ?

Check out a preview of “Simetierre”, a new adaptation of the Stephen King novel visible in the halls today. Simetierre is the second adaptation of the cult novel by Stephen King after the film by Mary Lambert was released in 1990. It is the duo of Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, noticed with Starry Eyes, that sign that presents itself as a new interpretation of the work of King, rather than a remake of the first film. Kölsch says : “I’m a big fan of the previous film, but it offered its own reading of the book. We wanted to come up with our own version and, therefore, incorporate elements that appear in the novel, but not in this film. The fans will have some surprises, but we stayed faithful to the spirit of the book.” One of the points on which this Simetierre differs from the film of Mary Lambert and Stephen King book is the identity of the victim within the family Creed. It is not a matter of the son 2 years old but the 8 year old girl. If the filmmakers were afraid to edit a classic of the literature of the horror, this change allowed according to them to better search the relationships between the characters, delving deeper into the question of evil and in conjuring up notions of existence that we could not deal with a child at a young age, not knowing how to speak. Simetierre BONUS VO "Stephen King" beyond the purely horror, Simetierre speaks of thematic intimate and makes us wonder about our relationship with death : “The monster, in this film, it is the grief and its impact on those who remain. Stephen King imagines characters that are so credible that they could be your neighbors. And then, he embarks in situations where they are faced with impossible choices,” says the screenwriter Jeff Buhler. Simetierre well be one of the greatest success of Stephen King, he almost never see the light of day. Indeed, the novelist has kept the manuscript in a drawer for three years before you publish, under the leadership of his wife. The author was reluctant to get this book because it felt too scary. He is also much inspired by his life : while living in Maine, he and his family lived in a house located on the outskirts of a very busy road. The surrounding children had created a cemetery for animals crushed. The cat of her daughter, Smucky, was crushed dead and his son Owen, then 2 years old, and escaped narrowly a truck. Stephen King has not finished to inspire film and television : while a season 2 of Castle Rock and a 3 season Rm. Mercedes are expected, It 2 will land in theaters September 18, 2019.

Mortal Kombat 11 : Kabal joined the line-up of Kombattants
Grey’s Anatomy-season 15 : the series celebrates its record of longevity in the teaser of the episode 15