Manu Payet and greenwashing : "We walk all the time, this is it, the illusion in green"

Narrator for the first time in his career, Manu Payet lends her voice to the French version of The “Illusion green”, a documentary that denounces the lies of the greenwashing. Little Dream Entertainment “We tried to do the least possible ’emissions removal’, and do the best.” It is with good humor and humility, and above all, a true commitment to citizenship, that Manu Payet, narrator VF, presents us with The Illusion of green, a documentary that follows in the footsteps of Werner Boote around the world, on the traces of lies or green or greenwashing, a marketing practice used by businesses to give themselves an image (more) green. With Kathrin Hartmann (lined by Jessie Lambotte), the Austrian y points with naivety and surprise behind the scenes and the lies of some companies, labels green electric cars passing by fair trade. For Manu Payet, after this movie, “one does not become immediately a great guy and a little green ; on the other hand, you ask yourself more questions and you’re more careful.” It is already that of won. Manu Payet, this is what the Illusion of Green ? Manu Payet, c'is what'Illusion Green ?

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