Sex & The City : "spiritual sequel" of the cult series in preparation !

If fans of “Sex & The City” will not see may never be a 3rd movie or later in the series of the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends, a “spiritual sequel” could see the light of day soon under the title “Is There Still Sex In The City?”… HBO After the abandonment of the 3rd film Sex & The City, in large part due to Kim Cattrall, who refused to be part of it, and after the failure of any relative of the prequel series The Carrie Diaries, about the young years of the heroine when she landed in New York, the fans may soon be able to console themselves with what one might call a “spiritual sequel”. The author Candace Bushnell, already at the origin of the adventures of Carrie in novels, polishes currently working on his next book to be published in the original version, the 6th August entitled ” Is There Still Sex in the city?. No question of resuming the characters well-known, this is a new group of friends who will be at the centre of the story. He is described by his editor as “an incisive, irrĂ©vĂ©rentieux and sometimes upsetting on love, sex and friendship in New York past 50 years.” The plot takes place essentially between the Upper East Side of Manhattan and the neighborhood of the Village and is of particular interest to “to the suffering of old age, the passing of time, marriages that become divorces, children growing up, social pressures on appearance and success”… Sarah Jessica Parker : “I don’t know if we could turn Sex & The City today”
The rights of adaptation are obviously torn, and it is Paramount Television and Anonymous Content (Mr Robot, True Detective, 13 Reasons Why), who have won. No chain is for the moment associated with the project, but there is no doubt that HBO will be interested when the time comes. This is Candace Bushnell herself will write the screenplay for the pilot.

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