Star Wars : the Lightsaber becomes an official sport !

While the 4th edition of the Open de France with a Lightsaber will take place at the stade Charl├ęty in Paris from 31 may to 2 June, the discipline, practiced by hundreds of people in France, comes to be recognized as an official sport. Lucasfilm Ltd. Signature weapon of the Star Wars saga since 1977 who has seen battle Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Oki-Wan Kenobi or Rey over the trilogies, the lightsaber has now become the main accessory of a new sports discipline that is dedicated to him. Derived from the fencing and practiced in France for 2015, the “Lightsaber” is much more than a simple hobby for geeks, because it comes to be recognized as an official sport by the French federation of fencing. May the Force be with… the Open sabre-laser Paris ! Worn by enthusiasts of many more, he has already been featured on 3 different rallies organised by the Sport Saber League. The 4th Open de France of Lightsaber will also be held soon, from 31 may to 2 June, at the stade Charl├ęty in Paris. In addition to the inevitable duels lightsaber, 120 international fighters and the 3000 visitors expected on-site can enjoy parades, Cosplay, arcade, retro, terminals, VR or even the bar theme geek. The meeting will be sponsored by the gastronogeek Thibaut Villanova, by the famous host of Game One Marcus, and by the champion of Handball and Samuel Honrubia. To get a better idea of the atmosphere, and (re)discover our reportage of the 3rd edition… Sports Saber League : l'art of fighting with the lightsaber

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