Mike, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, beyond appearances… The appointment series from 21 to 27 January

Of the galleys of the ex-singer to success, “Mike” and with Max Boublil on OCS Max with the polar “beyond appearances” with Héléna Noguerra on France 3, overview of the events of the series from the week of 21 to 27 January. Monday, January 21, TF1 – INFIDELE : end of season 1 of the French adaptation of the british series Doctor Foster, with Claire Keim and Jonathan Zaccai (2 unreleased). OCS City – CRASHING : 22h, start of the 3rd season of the american comedy, followed at 22h35 of the 3rd season of HIGH MAINTENANCE (US+24). Tuesday, January 22, France 3 – BEYOND THE APPEARANCES : kick-off of the polar French worn by Helena Noguerra, Pascal Demolon. Canal + Series – SMILF : the launch of season 2 of the comedy provocative and trashy (US + 2 days). Sundance TV – STAN AGAINST THE DEMONS : kick-off of the comedy horror american. Wednesday, January 23, France 2 – PHILHARMONIA : a fiction on the world of classical music alongside the first woman leader of the orchestra, with Marie-Sophie Ferdane. Philharmonia – season 1 trailer VF US – SUITS : starting the second part of the season 8 on the USA Network. US – THE MAGICIANS : the launch of season 4 on Syfy. Thursday, January 24, Arte – IL MIRACOLO : end of season 1 of the series Italian mystic. OCS Max – MIKE : kick-off of the French comedy about an ex-singer with success performed by Max Boublil. US – THE OTHER TWO : start of american comedy, and then 5 season of BROAD CITY on Comedy Central. US – SIREN : launch of season 2 of Freeform. Friday, January 25, Netflix – is online the second part of the season 4 of the comedy ” UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT, season 1, thriller, horror Korean KINGDOM, from season 1 of thriller british BLACK EARTH, RISING, season 4 of the comedy-drama mexican CLUB DE CUERVOS, and of the end of season 4 of the comedy THE GOOD PLACE (US+24). Kingdom – season 1 trailer VO Saturday, January 26, Ciné + Frisson – Z NATION, the zombies are back for a 5th and dernièresaison (4 unpublished). OCS Choc – STRIKE BACK : start of the 6th season of the adaptation of the spy novels of Chris Ryan. Sunday, January 27, France 4 – SKAM FRANCE : the launch of season 3 of the French adaptation of the series for teens, Norwegian, centered on the character of Lucas. Téva – YOUNGER : final of the season 5 of the comedy-drama american. US – OUTLANDER : end of season 4 on Starz.

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